Introducing "CUBA ITCH"!  
A company that organizes wonderful trips to Cuba that are exciting, unique and specially tailored to meet your needs!
Let Cuba Itch take you on a journey of this beautiful tropical island, which has been out of our reach for 50 years.
"CUBA ITCH" takes the time to tailor a trip to your taste.

Tours may include a focus on one of the following:
e.g.:  Tours of Architecture, Agriculture, Havana School of Arts, Nacional School of Dance…..the list is endless!!!!!

A trip can include visits to the beautiful "GAY" beaches of Havana called " Mi Cayito".  It's one of the island's best kept secrets. 

Enjoy the Private "Paladares" to have a unique dinner prepared in the kitchen of  a local home (amazing).

  Experience the unique and ever famous "CUBAN NIGHTLIFE" ,which is filled with music, dancing and quite the cast of characters. Not to be missed!

While Alexander's does not arrange these trips, please contact Alexander's if you are interested
so we may put you in contact with Caroline of "Cuba Itch".  
Caroline is knowledgeable, helpful and lots of fun!

 Trips can be created for individuals or groups.

For more information on organized trips to Cuba, "The Island of Enchantment"...
Please contact Alexander's Guesthouse directly at
or email us at


* Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner ( Private Paladares)
*Tour of the Island
* Private Transportation
* Private Guide
*Cell Phone/ will provided (1 per group)
*Travel/Medical Insurance (mandatory)

Traveler would need the following:
*Visa (mandatory)

Assistance would be provided in obtaining visas.