Posted on January 1st, 2014

What is a Sanctuary?  It is a place we can go to let go of the day’s stresses.  It comforts us, makes us feel safe, cozy and allows us to exhale.  A person’s sanctuary can mean different things to different people.  While many of us travel to find some sort of departure from our busy lives, what if our sanctuary was our home. Whether your home is a palace or a room you rent, this is where you begin and end your day.   It’s important that it makes you feel happy being there.
​A spot of our very own that we can enjoy on a daily basis.  Delicious.

How to create that Sanctuary?

First of all, a little paint can do wonders for walls, ceilings, old furniture…the list is endless.  In Key West, we paint everything in ice cream colors.  It lightens our moods and brings the colors of the ocean and reef into our homes.Sofas and beds usually have soft, natural fabrics on them. We love slip covers, so we can throw them in the wash when we’ve brought too much of the beach home with us.Furniture might bring a little shine in with chrome mixed with natural woods.A room will be accessorized with plants, candles, scents, music and numerous treasures that are close to the heart.  The kaleidoscope of our lives can be seen through the adornments in our rooms by way of spiritual treasures, items found from a day at the beach, gifts from loved ones, books and artwork…maybe even a crystal or two.The important thing about your space is that it contains the things that give you peace, fill you with inspiration, remind you that you are not alone and are loved.

Note:  About the “you are not alone and are loved” part….just know there is a conspiracy in the universe for your higher protection and development.   Maybe this is a great time to start exploring what inspires you?  In our eyes, all roads lead to Rome…the main idea is there is definitely a universal higher power that resides everywhere and inside us.  We are here to explore what that means to each of us and how it connects us all.    A great site called “The Daily Love” is a wonder-full place to enrich our spirit…More ideas from Dr. Andrew Weil..MD…….About creating a Sanctuary….

We started Alexander’s Lifestyle because of what we learned and were asked about so much from our guests at Alexander’s Guesthouse.  Alexander’s Guesthouse has been open for 31 years.  It has been a place where so many have come to rest and revive themselves.  It has become a sanctuary to so many.  We always loved sharing ideas with guests about what we do at the guesthouse to make it feel so good for them.  We offer delicious fruited water all day… sometimes it has cucumbers and lime, other days  maybe watermelon and mint.  The rooms are decorated with bamboo floors, crisp white linens on beds, white slip covered sofas, tropical flowers, and simple, but beautiful furniture pieces.   The rooms are fresh and uncluttered… allowing the mind to rest.

The social aspect of the guesthouse is daily breakfast and the poolside Happy Hour.  Breakfast is fresh, homemade and has many healthy options… served until 11am so guests can sleep in.  Cocktails are complimentary and served from 5-6 each day.   The cocktail hour is hosted by a warm, friendly bartender who leads guests in introductions allowing new friendships to develop.  This is a wonderful time where guests mingle, make new friends and usually end up coming back the same time next year, so they can all be together again.  It is quite magical.  What we do is create the space that encourages this feeling of ease.  It begins with the owners Raul Diaz and Orlando Torres, creating a beautiful ennviroment for guests to enjoy, and the management of Laura Zequeira (General Manager) to bring it all to life.  Generating a happy team of employees with great attitudes and a desire to make a moment memorable is what makes this work.

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