Posted on April 17th, 2014

​This is something just for you.  Created by you, it is a personal and creative journey.  Have fun with it and let it evolve, slowly incorporating all that you need to nourish you on a daily basis.
As Gandhi has said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”.   Rituals slow us down, help us to remember to take care of ourselves and be in the present moment.

It has often been said that the most balanced of Daily Rituals will include support for each aspect of the human experience such as….emotional (affirmations/readings/improving relationships)…. spiritual (prayer or mediation or both)…. physical (exercise, hugs, stretching, eating well)…. mental (end of day personal inventory/forgiveness/release resentments and regret).

Okay….this is about creating your own…but I always appreciate examples…for inspiration at least.   Therefore, I share mine below.    Take what you like and leave the rest.  Have fun building your special one.

Laura’s Daily Ritual…..when I am being good about keeping it up:)

1.  Wake up one hour before I get ready for work.  Play meditation music, light candles, enjoy coffee.  I find this to be a great time to meditate about what I am grateful for, what I am planning for the day and tuning into positive thoughts/inner voice.
2.  Get ready for work, drink a green juice and a big glass of sparkling water with lemon.
3.  Arrive at work, organize myself with a list and smile.
4.  Take a 15 minute mental break in the middle of my day where I go outside.  Gives me a chance to connect with nature and just breathe.   I practice being in the present moment.    This is one I don’t always get to do, but when I do…it feels wonderful.
5.  Incorporate some exercise.   Some love Yoga at the end of the day…  others love cardio at the beginning… I love fast walking/run with friends on the weekends.  What the exercise is and how often is a personal preference.  This is where I have to push myself.   Just find something that makes you feel relaxed afterwards.  My favorite is a pretty walk with a friend…fills two places in my heart…spending time with a friend and also getting some exercise.
6.  Call a friend to say hello.  This helps me feel connected more.
7.  At the end of my day, I like to take a few minutes just to take stock of the day and what happened.  I review any challenges, relish any glories, and release resentments and regret.  I make a commitment to myself to learn from experiences.
8.  Eat a nice dinner, spend a little time with my honey or watch a movie.
9.  Ease into bedtime.  I tend to have to quiet my mind, so I light candles and read something inspirational.   I do believe in some higher universal energy, so I spend a little time sharing in that.
10.  Get a good night sleep.

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