Posted on November 13th, 2014

​Music is good for the soul.   What is also true…experiences are good for the soul.  Music is an experience.  Our souls crave experience.
With so many different types of music out there, each of us can find something that generates a desired mood.

Maybe a morning starts out with something soothing, while we ease our sleepy eyes open. Midday maybe becomes a variety of energizing, happy music, while afternoon music might call for a sexy crooner or soulful sister.   When the dinner bell rings, something soft in the background inspiring conversations or just appreciation for a delicious meal.  Time to turn in for the night, but can’t quiet the mind, instead of counting sheep or watching TV, maybe try a little guided meditation with music.

On a great site called Little Drifters …they talk about how music boosts the IQ, can lower blood pressure, reduce pain and even aid in cancer recovery.   Music can bring people together…family, friends, lovers and make friends out of strangers.

Music carries us, sets a mood and opens us up.  It can help us have that ever so needed good cry or put the surprising smile on our face.  Was that a skip in your step?  Must be your favorite song playing!

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