Posted on March 1st, 2015

group of women doing yoga
Achieving Inner Bliss and Peace is a desire for many…this may be you too.  There are many successful, happy, content people in the world.  Not everyone will feel like they need to do any internal personal work to reach Bliss.   However, if one does, there are many paths to do that. We have often heard we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but we are spirits having a human experience.   
This means we are here to learn the lessons of “being” a human being and uncover spiritual principals that already exist in the universe.  This may matter to some and not to others, depending on what a person’s goal is for their life experience.

Exploring a spiritual life just adds another dimension to the human experience.   It is a personal journey, to be navigated by the person.  We will not be going into how best to do that, but just provide some ideas that have been explored by many.  Two principles seem to reign quite big though in the development of inner peace.  The first is forgiveness of ourselves and others.  The second is realizing the power of our words and thoughts.  These are themes to explore and look into more.  One thing we are sure of…. there is definitely more to life than meets the eye.

How to live a happy, healthy life was not taught to most of us.    Many of us did not learn the tools needed to develop healthy relationships, resolve conflict or heal old hurts and how to let go.  This is what the road to healing encompasses.

A great lesson from self-observation is the more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand others and why they do what they do.  Many times what makes us upset are other people.   For example, why did that person do that?  They are so selfish etc…   The truth is, we can all have our selfish moments, but that doesn’t make us bad people.   Navigating relationships with people can bring the greatest struggle, but also the greatest joys.   Understanding human nature and working with it, instead of against it can bring great happiness.  Give ourselves and each other a little latitude to be human and all that comes with it.

Remember, it is always Progress, not Perfection.    Just do the best we can and learn from every experience.  What might I do differently next time to achieve a different result?  Change in any given situation begins with ourselves.

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